Halfway home from a drug-sale in Jo'burg, two wannabe gangsters run into trouble when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Forced to spend the night at a creepy old holiday resort, their problems escalate when, unpacking the car, their box of cash splits open, spilling a million bucks in eye-catching bundles all over the driveway.

They scoop it up, head inside and slam the door, but the damage is done.Greedy eyes have spotted the cash, and in five neighbouring chalets, people begin to skeem.

SKEEM is a fast paced action comedy in the tradition of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, written by award winning director Tim Greene (Class Act, Boy Called Twist, Hard Copy).

Set in a partially deserted and rather creepy holiday resort somewhere between Cape Town and Johannesburg, it's a classic caper-film: a mile a minute chase after a cardboard box full of money.

The film features a cast of colourful characters, all hell-bent on getting their hands on the cash. In the best tradition of a classic French Farce, each character's cunning plan inadvertently thwarts the next...

The film was shot in 20 days in late 2010 at the old Aventura Resort on the breathtaking but desolate banks of the Gariep Dam. It's an excellent example of how economic story telling can offer superb entertainment value.

Skeem is clever and funny, fast-paced and very refreshing. It is a unique piece of work with a strong directorial vision, and heralds a clean break from the brow-beating, overly anguished films of the recent South African past.

The film represents a bold new direction in South African film making by presenting an all-star ensemble cast in a high-octane film designed to please and entertain commercial film audiences, without needing to make any excuses for being local.

The film has been selected for distribution by United International Pictures (UIP) and will receive a national release in late October, 2011.